19th November

'CryptoArt market'

We will discuss with marketplace founders, art critics, curators and artists the role of the marketplace intermediation and other indipendent minting options for art on the blockchain.

We have also organized a conversation regading digital art as currency, creating an art market of art trade.

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The web3 hub in via Statuto 11, Brera, is an open space where we receive tech innovation events and activities proposals and coordinate them into full events. From the community to the community.



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The 18 of February 2022 Sewer Nation delivered in Rome the 1st Crypto Art event in Italy with NFT ticketing, more than 250 people atteded the event, defining it as an historic moment for Italian NFT culture.


The 2nd of April Sewer Nation demonstrated the full ability to generate a traditional crypto art gallery, but made it decentralized.

VR metaverse experiences and panels were also provided as an event activity for 100 partecipants.


On May 22 2022 Sewer Nation powered the creation of the first NFT bar in Rome, the inauguration hosted more than 50 artworks & featured the drop of the Bar's NFT membership, with benefits connected to the gallery.

Centerpiece of the exhibition was the Burned Punk by Robness, displayed through a CRT Tv inisde a giant toter.


Simply put, this is the 1st NFT documentary in Italy, produced by Save the Cut with

From the Milano Monza motor show with VR metaverse installations, passing through a curated gallery in Brera with Robness, Coldie, Clapis, Toomuchlag, TimCet, Cuttini, Chiampo & Bizzarro. The event continued in the evening with a conceptual 'low perceived value' laser projected gallery managed by homeless people, in the dirtiest street of Milan. The experience terminated at Art Mall; local artist meetup, where a social decentralized gallery was built to exhibit the artworks of participants of the event.


To truly understand a technological revolution it is mandatory to learn about it's history. CryptoArt from 2015-2018 had a key role in the storicization of the motives and cardinal points behind the web3 revolution. We invited international speakers such as Robness to help us retrace some of the early activities of CryptoArt on Bitcoin blockchain and the consequent evolution of this tech once in the hands of a broder audience.


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In an attempt to bridge Italy with the origins of Crypto Art we convinced Robness; creator of the #trashart blockchain native art movement, to tell us a bit about 2017 and how this whole thing started!


Coldie holds the record for the 1st artwork sold for 1000$ in 2017 on Super Rare, marking the beginning of an era of crypto art prosperity.

Now he is a worldwide known artist with collectors lining up to swipe his 1/1 pieces of digital collage art!


At such a young age I consider Aleksandra to be an absolute OG.

Coming from prestigious art studies she quickly recognised the cultural impact of WEB3 & NFTs; and this woman started building. From DAO tools like Joyn, to CryptoArt curation, Aleksandra is someone you better have on your team!


Do you think royalties on NFTs are an amazing feature? You see them as a groundbreaking feature to support artists? Well, power DaDa created that code & now they are working on more solutions as 'the invisible economy' to make artists free of speculation and more focused on their art!


What to say but this: This man created the declaration of trash dependence, the trashart bot, a fxhash trash themed and the first on-chain trash minigame. This man is at his essence is trashart. And together we analyze the reactive nature of this blaochain native artist movement.


When they are going to ask who wrote the 1st book about cryptoart, we are going to reply: Eleonora Brizi with 'CryptoArt begins'. Together with Ele we discussed how to integrate in real world interactions the same decentralized peer to peer ethos we find in web3.